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Getting Started

Who is OneBlinc?

OneBlinc was created to provide fair and affordable credit solutions and tools for people that work hard but need some extra help to get to the next paycheck. We offer socially responsible credit through fixed, low installment payments which we believe to be a true alternative to the vicious cycle of predatory lending. Our cutting edge technology allows us to qualify credit worthiness way beyond an applicant’s FICO score. We are next generation lenders!

How can I contact OneBlinc?

Contact us from Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 7 P.M EST; and Saturday and Sunday from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. EST by:

Chat at:

Phone call or Text Message at 855-400-0449
Our team is here to help you.

Personal Information

How do I change my password? 

To reset your password, go to Click on “My Account”. Once prompted to log in, click “Forgot your password.” Follow the instructions to receive a four digit verification code via email and reset the password.

How do I update my phone number or email address?

Once your phone number and email address are initially registered in your profile, we lock that personal data for security reasons. If you need to update your phone number or email address, please contact our customer service department.

Will OneBlinc check my credit report?

No. We believe that you are more than your credit score. To determine eligibility, we use other data points that give us a sharper picture of your financial history and your ability to repay a loan.

Will OneBlinc help build my credit history?

Yes. Blinc will report your payment history on a monthly basis to all three credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian). In fact, we are one of the only loan providers that takes an active approach at helping customers achieve financial sustainability.


How long will it take to approve my loan?

While the application process takes minutes, your loan approval depends on how quickly and accurately you submit required documents, program your payments and provide any additional information, if needed. Once complete, our underwriting team is standing by to review your application and disburse your loan.

How can I track my application status?

The best way to follow up on your application status is by logging into your Dashboard. Just click on “My Account” and log in with the details you provided when setting up your account.

How fast will I receive the funds?

During the application process, you’ll get to choose which type of money transfer you prefer to receive the loan. Each option has its unique set of timeframes and costs - choose the option that best suits your needs.

I can’t find my bank on the list provided by OneBlinc.

Blinc uses Plaid, a third-party service provider, to connect to over 500 banks. If by any chance you can't find your particular bank, please contact our Customer Service department and we’ll gladly help you out.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a loan?

There are two prerequisites to automatically pre-qualify for a personal loan. You must be an active Federal Employee with verified employment and without a reported bankruptcy. After you’ve completed the application process, our team will confirm your approval.

What is an allotment?

An allotment is a process through which you pre-program your loan payment in installments. Payments come directly from your paycheck every month. Setting up the allotment is mandatory for loan approvals. It not only ensures that we receive your payments in a timely manner but it reduces the burden for you of setting up payments each month.


How do I set up my allotment?

Go to your Dashboard and locate the “Allotment Information” box. There you will find all the details needed to complete your allotment setup. Since this is such an important step, make sure that you accurately complete the information requested.

What if I don’t have access to an online payroll system to set up my allotment?

We encourage you to speak with your payroll administrator or supervisor. They can assist you with completing your allotment.

What if I change my bank account?

If your bank account changes, contact our Customer Service department via email or phone. It’s critical to keep your information updated in order to avoid missing payments that could lead to late fees and potentially negative credit reports.

How do I cancel my allotment if my application was denied?

It’s important to cancel your allotment as soon as you receive notice that your application was denied. Please check with your payroll administrator to confirm that the allotment you setup was properly cancelled. This will help you avoid any erroneous charges.

Money and Payments

What online payroll system should I use?

Below we listed some of the more common federal payroll providers. Make sure to confirm this information with your payroll administrator.

Employee Express
Department of Education, Department of the Interior, Department of State, Department of Transportation

Department of Defense

myEPP (Employee Personal Page)
Federal Employees of various Agencies

U.S. Postal Service Employees

OPM (Office of Personnel Management)
Federal Employees and Retirees of various Agencies

What are the fees I have to pay?

OneBlinc only charges a one-time administration fee that can vary from $25 to $49 dollars, depending on your residency State. There are no other additional or hidden fees.

When are my payments due?

Your payments are due bi-weekly and will be made automatically through your payment schedule. We match your loan payment schedule with your pay calendar for your convenience.

How much will my payment be?

Your payment is a fixed amount of $79 bi-weekly for the duration of the loan. The amount might increase when and if you decide to refinance your loan.

Will the amount of my payments change?

Once you receive approval for your personal loan, your payment amount remains the same until the end of the contract. The payment terms might change only if you refinance your loan. When that happens, you'll receive new terms and conditions with the revised amount.

Will the APR vary during the course of the loan?

Once we approve the loan, the APR is fixed until the end of the contract. If you qualify to refinance your loan, your APR will decrease. More information is provided in the Refinance portion of this FAQ.

How is the money sent?

We currently have three types of money transfer. You can choose the option that’s best for you.

Can I still get approved if I don’t link my bank account?

Yes, you can input your banking information manually. However, doing so will slow down the loan administration process and will require a series of additional documents. Linking your bank account has added benefits. Once linked, we can provide an array of services to help you on the journey to financial sustainability.

How do I repay the loan if I lose my job?

If you lose your job, you still can set up the bi-weekly payments from your bank account.

What loan amount do I qualify for?

This amount varies by state. 


How do I know if my documents were uploaded?

On your Dashboard, you will see different colored circles with information about your documents:

GREY = document to be uploaded
YELLOW= document uploaded and pending review
GREEN= document reviewed and approved
RED= document reviewed and declined (additional details provided)

How do I delete a document that I sent incorrectly?

Next to the documents’ status, you’ll find a “More Info” box.

Why was my document denied?

Next to the documents’ status, you’ll find a “More Info” box. Once clicked, you’ll find an option where you can check the reason for the denial.


What is the OneBlinc refinance program?

After ten consecutive on-time payments, you will become eligible to refinance your loan. This means that you get to cash out a portion of the loan and refinance the new amount with even better conditions such as lower interest rates.

Do I still qualify if I miss a payment?

In order to qualify for refinance, you need to make ten, consecutive, on-time payments. Every time you miss a payment, you start over until ten, consecutive on-time payments are made.

How long does it take for me to become eligible for refinance?

A straight set of ten bi-weekly payments will take on average between five and six months.

How much more money do I get by refinancing my loan?

The first time you refinance your loan, you’ll get an increase of $500 on top of your original loan with a cash out option of at least $700. Each time you refinance, you’ll receive an increase in your loan amount and even better interest rates.

Is there a reduction in APR when refinancing?

Yes. Each time you refinance your loan, your APR will be reduced and could get as low as 19.9%. It’s our way of rewarding loyal customers for their on-time payments.

If I pay early, can I still refinance?

No. You are only eligible to refinance your loan after a minimum of ten, consecutive, on-time payments.

Referral Program

What is the referral program?

If you have friends or colleagues that are Federal Employees like yourself, we encourage you to refer them to OneBlinc. Every time a friend’s loan is approved, you’ll be financially rewarded! It’s just our way of thanking you for helping us to expand the Blinc family.

How does it work and how much money do I get?

For every referred contact that gets approved by OneBlinc, you receive $30 dollars as a show of our appreciation.

How do I refer a friend?

First you need to get your personal referral link - this can be found on your Dashboard. Then, send that link to your friends and colleagues who are Federal Employees like yourself. The referral code is unique to you. Sending your contacts the unique link we provided you will help us to properly identify them as referrals and reward you for their approved loans.

How many people can I refer to to the program?

There’s no limit on the number of people you can refer. Just remember that they must be Federal Employees.

How do they use the code?

When your contacts click on the link, the code will automatically populate certain identifying data during the first step of the application form. If not, the code needs to be inserted when they begin the application process.

When do I get paid?

You will receive the $30 for each approved friend directly in the bank account you provided to OneBlinc. Please allow up to ten business days for processing. To consult your rewards, visit the Dashboard which will tell you the number of rewards you have received.

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